Since I was raised in Palm Springs, I often bring a crisp and bright California look into my work, but after traveling and living in different places, I’ve created my unique style in my photography and marketing. My number one thing is people, so naturally I love to collaborate. I bring your vision to life and take ideas and concepts from you as well! I strive to make my clients delighted and empowered. From building a custom website to creating a profitable marketing strategy, and capturing great shots, I’m here to serve you and give you the best experience as a freelancer.


Facts about me:

  • I’m a mom of 2 girls
  • I can’t go a week without a carne asada taco
  • Orchid pink is my jam!
  • I can surf
  • My guilty pleasures are pop music and The Bachelor
  • My family is crazy big
  • I love learning new things